E04 – Workflow – Part 1

We talk about the progress of projects, workflow in general, how to deal with changes to tasks and which tools are available or which still have to be programmed.

E03 – Creativity

In this episode it’s all about creativity. Where does it come from? Can one be creative on demand? What circumstances favor or impede creativity? What about software development? Is the work we do purely analytical or is creativity in demand?

E02 – Frontend Frameworks

In the second episode we’re talking about frameworks and libraries, their benefits and disadvantages, the pros and cons of building your own architecture over choosing a full-stack framework and our experience working with them.

E01 – Quick ’n Dirty Overengineered

Over engineering vs. Quick ’n Dirty? Good vs evil? That would be way too easy. In the hallway the topic overengineering came up quite often during this year and brought up some interesting thoughts that…